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DC’s getting caffeinated with coffee-shop takeover

• Washington, DC’s dining-dominated retail continues to grow. Since the fourth quarter of 2017, 77% of the 293 announced retailers opening locations in DC have been dining spots, 15% of which were coffee shops.

• DC’s rapid coffee shop expansion since Q4 2017 has been dominated by non-global brands (94%), and 55% of those were local or regional brands, with Compass Coffee and Gregory’s Coffee opening the most locations in recent quarters. 

• From a location perspective,  the CBD and Market District led the city with the most openings. From residential vs. office use, 24% of the coffee shops announced to open in traditional office neighborhoods, 50% in traditional residential neighborhoods and 26% in mixed-use neighborhoods.

• Many locations in the CBD and East End are approaching saturation levels and thus could see slower growth ahead, yet western locations in the West End, Georgetown and and Upper Northwest are likely to see additional future expansions based on ratio of inventory to population.

Source: JLL Research

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