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Employers eying talent should look to Flagler Village, as downtown’s northward shift is expected to continue amidst a robust development pipeline

• Since 2010, population in Fort Lauderdale’s CBD has been concentrated north of Broward County in the area known as Flagler Village. The District grew significantly faster than the State and County overall amidst the delivery of 1,300 housing units.

• This growth is expected to continue, with projections indicating an annual population increase of 2.6 percent. There are more nearly 1,000 units under construction and an 1,600 units in the development pipeline.

• Growth in Flagler Village has been particularly strong for the 25 to 34 year old cohort. This group has increased by 4.2 percent to over 1,250 residents – nearly 40 percent of the Districts population. And there is no sign of a slowdown.

• Although strong growth is expected in the Core CBD, growth among this age cohort is expected to decline. This can be attributed to the type of housing in this District, which is geared toward luxury units out of reach to those entering the workforce. Median household income in the Core CBD is more than double that in Flagler Village and SoLO, the area south of the New River.

Source: JLL Research; ESRI

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