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Sea-Tac airport is becoming more crowded than ever

• Port of Seattle’s year-end statistic shows that record 46.9 million passengers traveled at Sea-Tac airport in 2017. The Sea-Tac has been experiencing consecutive growth, resulting in new annual records in passenger numbers every year since 2011. Over the last six years, passenger traffic at Sea-Tac has increased by 43 percent.

• In response to a growing volume of passengers, the port is undergoing through few major investments. New International Arrivals Facility and North Seattle Modernization projects are currently underway and the port recently began on $17 million Central Terminal renovation. Sea-Tac will also add 50 additional restaurants and shops, which will bring total numbers to 135 by 2021.

• According to the port’s recent report, Sea-Tac airport directly  supported $5.6 billion in economic activity and 19,100 jobs last year. As Seattle continues to be one of the top markets that attracts more businesses and people to the region, we can expect solid growth in passenger volumes and air cargo to continue in 2018.

Source: JLL Research, Port of Seattle​

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