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Orange County-Los Angeles rank top 3 in the nation for utility patents

•According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s latest 2015 report, 140,928 utility patents were issued in the United States, with 28.5 percent coming from California.

•Orange County-Los Angeles recorded 6,476 patents, ranking 3rd in the nation based on utility patent count. New York took 2nd at 7,754 and San Francisco-Silicon Valley took claim to 1st  with 24,350 utility patents granted in 2015.

•The top three companies based on number of utility patents issued were IBM (5,118), Qualcomm (2,534), and
Google (2,382).

•Patent counts based on class were led by drug/bio-medical compositions (7.0%), followed by multiplex communications (5.2%), digital processing systems (4.3%), telecommunications (3.9%), and database/data structures (3.9%).

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