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Portland has the 2nd most diverse economy on the West Coast

• Moody’s Analytics’ Industrial Diversity Index puts Portland as the 2nd most economically diverse large metro on the West Coast after Riverside, CA. The index measures how closely a region’s economy resembles that of the whole U.S., with a score of 1.0 representing an exact match to the U.S. economy.

• Not only is Portland one of the most diverse economies in the country but it’s diversity has remained almost unchanged since 1971 when the index started. With an index score 0.73 in 2016, it has changed just 0.03 points since 1971, the 4th least of the 50 largest metros.

• Manufacturing is the largest industry in Portland, having contributed $41.2B or 25 percent to the economy in 2016, putting Portland 2nd in the nation in terms of advanced manufacturing’s share of total economic output.

• Economic diversity can position a market to be more resilient through periods of contraction. Portland’s industrial diversity score is a strong indicator of how it will weather periods of economic slowing.

Source: JLL Research, Moody's Analytics​

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