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Multi-family development increases in the Airport Area as local economy expands

• In response to the growing Orange County employment base, new multi-family developments in the Airport Area are providing additional housing supply in the county’s core business district.

• There are 2,818 housing units currently under construction, 4,999 units approved for development, and 709 units pending approval. There are 10,802 existing units in the Airport Area.

• As a greater share of the population looks to trim daily commutes, this new housing supply provides people with the opportunity to have a short drive, bike, or walk to work.

• This rise in density will appeal to existing businesses and those looking to relocate here as they will have a growing local workforce to recruit talent. This can also impact local amenities with more retailers and restaurants attracted to the expanding customer base.

Source: JLL Research, City of Irvine, City of Newport Beach​

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