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More people are finding a home in the Inland Empire

  • ​According to recent statistics from the California Department of Finance, the Inland Empire is experiencing a wave of growth attributed to net domestic migration at a time when the rest of Southern California is experiencing net losses from domestic migration. 

  • Much of this relative growth has been generated by new economic opportunities posed by the Inland Empire.  Record demand for warehousing space driven by the rise of e-commerce has lifted the economy and led to significant local job growth.

  • Additionally, housing costs in the IE are significantly lower than the rest of Southern California and are attracting new residents. In 2016 the average home sale in the Inland Empire was 37 percent less than Los Angeles County, 44 percent less than San Diego County, and 57 percent less than Orange County.

  • This low cost of housing coupled with strong warehousing and industrial demand will sustain additional migration to the Inland Empire into the future.​

Source: California Department of Finance​

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