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Minneapolis Industrial land-use has diminished 41 percent since 1984

  • ​​According to Hennepin County land use data, Minneapolis has put 41 percent, and over 2,000 acres of  industrial land to new use over the last 32 years. Total industrial land in 1984 made up about 14 percent of the 37,000 acres in Minneapolis.  As of 2016 that percent has fallen to 8 percent.

  • Multi-family development has largely taken up the slack. The current land-use leader within the commercial realm has expanded by 26 percent (953 acres) over the same time period. The North Loop accounts for roughly 25 percent of this shift in use.

  • According to current zoning maps, there are three large swaths of industrial space remaining in the city: the upper river industrial site, Canadian Pacific’s Shoreham Yard and land surrounding the eastern border of the U of M. The city has long-range plans to reduce the total industrial footprint at both the upper river industrial site (Above the Falls Master Plan) as well as granted historical significance to Canadian Pacific’s vacant roundhouse, sitting on about 12 acres.  

Source: JLL Research, Hennepin County, Metropolitan Council​

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