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How long was your drive to work today? San Francisco lands in top three most congested metros…again

•The annual INRIX Traffic Scorecard, released last week, once again awarded the San Francisco Bay Area third place for most congested metro in the US. The average commuter here will spend 79 hours in traffic per year, compared to Los Angeles (109) and New York (91).

•Last year, the average Bay Area commuter spent 12 percent of total drive time in congestion, costing drivers $2,250 each and the city $10.6 billion from direct and indirect costs.

•Comparing our commute times to other major metros along the West Coast, we spend approximately 44 percent more time in traffic than Seattle and 65 percent more time than San Diego.

•Analyzing the index against average commute times per U. S. Census data, it should come as no surprise that the four largest cities in the Bay Area display higher commute times than the national average.

•Traffic is frequently cited as a top issue motivating residents to leave the Bay Area. With limited public transportation infrastructure and an increasingly frustrated population, government officials, employers and landlords alike are scrambling to come up with solutions to alleviate the issue and retain top talent.

Source: JLL Research, INRIX Congestion Index, U.S. Census Bureau

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