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Sacramento’s thriving craft beer scene

• Sacramento’s craft beer scene is thriving like never before, leading many to declare it the “Golden Age” of beer in the city. After being a niche market for those in the know, the scene has taken on life and has helped lead to Sacramento and West Sacramento’s revitalizations. In fact, it has become so strong that new housing projects in the area even list distances to local breweries on housing flyers as selling points.

• Industry analysis puts Sacramento on par with beer mecha’s like San Diego and San Francisco with roughly 30% of buyers opting for craft beer as oppose to 18% statewide.

• With so much  love and demand in Sacramento it is no surprise that up and coming brewers would look to get in on the action. Despite the risk of over saturation that has claimed long time companies like Rubicon and American River Brewery, brewers are bullish on their formulas and finding their place in the market. 5 Breweries are set to open in February and March with many more to come later in the year. 

Source: JLL Research, BeerAdvocate, CA Craft Beer​

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