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Poised for steady growth, clean energy industry makes strides in employment

  • Colorado’s energy industry is one of the most diverse in the nation, thanks largely due to the availability of myriad natural resources. The industry diversity is a contributing factor in the stable economy, and includes the subsectors of clean energy and fossils fuels, together employing a total of 52,850 people.
  • Denver Metro is the fourth most concentrated in the U.S. for clean energy jobs. As more utilities providers set goals to increase sourcing of renewable energy, the sub-sector is expected to hire another 1,500 people in the next year to keep up with new project demand and innovation
  • The fossil fuel industry has had lackluster growth mainly due to oversupply and recorded negative growth for the last two years after a sky high increase in 2014. However, as regulations are lifted, there is a possibility for increased job gains.

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