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Minnesota is one of the most well-represented states in the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

  • Minnesota is third in the nation for its contribution to the total number of 2018 Olympians representing Team USA. Twenty athletes are residents of the state of Minnesota, accounting for 8% of all 244 U.S. Olympians. That’s an impressive performance  considering Minnesota’s population makes up only 2% the national population.
  • Unsurprisingly, nine out of 20 Minnesota Olympians are in PyeongChang to compete in ice hockey. Curling and cross-country skiing have seven and three Minnesotan representatives, respectively. There is a single Minnesotan biathlon competitor. Seven athletes are alumni or attending the University of Minnesota and six are Bulldogs from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

  • After hosting Super Bowl LII in January and during this strong Olympics presence, Minnesota is helping to elevate the popularity of winter sports. Ice hockey, skiing, and curling are among many “Bold North” activities that are quickly gaining new participants and followers. Maybe the cold is becoming cooler!

Source: JLL Research, United States Olympic Committee​

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