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Prior to the recent temporary shutdown of Metro, ridership on Baltimore’s rail transit has been declining

  • ​The Maryland Transit Authority announced earlier this month that Baltimore’s entire 15.4 mile subway line would be closed for emergency maintenance until potentially March 11th. The closure is the latest event that has led to steadily declining ridership figures for Baltimore’s subway line. Average weekday ridership for the latest available month was just shy of 40,000 riders, compared to an average of 51,000 riders per weekday in 2012.

  • Baltimore’s decline in Light Rail ridership has been equally pronounced: the latest available ridership numbers from through Q3 2017 are down 26.0% from their previous peak in 2009.

  • Commuter MARC service connecting Baltimore to Metro DC has fared better, with MARC’s Penn Line down relatively slightly from its previous high watermark.

  • With steadily declining ridership, the majority of office projects underway in the metro area are expectedly not at transit oriented sites.​

Source: JLL Research, Open Data Portal​

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