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Think Denver’s traffic is bad? Don’t complain to an Angeleno!

  • ​According to the annual INRIX Traffic Scorecard for 2017, Denver’s rank among the nation’s worst-traffic-cities held steady at #21. In other words, not better, not worse. Take some solace, when compared against cities of a similar size and growth, our Congestion Index remains among the nation’s lowest. And when peak hours spent in traffic per year were examined, Denver’s 36 hours paled in comparison to the top placeholder, Los Angeles (109).

  • Cross-examining with the US Census data for average commute times, the counties that comprise our metro area fall mostly in line with the U.S. average; believe it or not, Boulder and Denver County even boast lower times.

  • With the Mile High City’s population gain potentially slowing, we could see a stabilization of traffic congestion, and future funding opportunities may provide further relief. What’s this mean for commercial real estate? For starters, a streamlining of transportation and logistics costs would certainly help buoy an already rapidly expanding regional e-commerce footprint.​

Source: JLL Research, INRIX 2016/2017 Traffic Scorecards, US Census data​

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