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WA Beer Production Down 7.7% Annually, AB InBev Brands to Blame

  • ​After 7 consecutive years of positive year-over-year growth, Washington State beer production decreased 7.7% from 2016 to 2017, a net loss of 44,895 barrels.

  • In spite of this drop off, the brewing industry is quite healthy overall with a bulk of the decrease isolated amongst a few regional brands, most notably AB InBev owned Redhook Brewing and Elysian Brewing Company.

  • Redhook decreased production by 61,553 barrels after decommissioning and selling their production facility in Woodinville. Elysian’s production dropped 24,093 barrels after significantly decreasing production at their Georgetown facility, a combined total almost double that of the total decrease year over year.

  • In spite of the purchase of Elysian by AB InBev in 2015, Washington State appears to be bucking the trend of consolidation with regional producers decreasing production and 54 new licensees producing beer in 2017. ​

Source: JLL Research, WALCB​

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