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Target is 8th in U.S. for online sales, yet 96% of its revenue is still generated from in-store sales

  • ​Target is the nation’s 8th largest retailer based on 2016 sales, according to the National Retail Federation. Amazon and Target effectively traded places on the list this year, as Target was bumped from 7th to 8th place. When considering total online sales, Target also ranks eighth in the U.S. Amazon holds the top spot among E-commerce providers by a wide margin: $94.7 billion in online sales compared to Apple’s second place with $16.8 billion.

  • Target’s year-over-year (YOY) online sales growth was 22.9% last year. Among its peers this is above average, which sits at 14.4% YOY for the 15 largest E-commerce retailers. The only companies to see higher online growth rates were Nike (53.8%) and Apple (40.0%). Regardless, Target’s share of online sales is one of the lowest performers: 4.4% of revenue. If Target were to achieve Macy’s share (17.9%), it could become the 4th largest E-commerce retailer in the nation with $12.5 billion in online sales. Considering Target’s strength in home goods and apparel, there is plenty of runway to achieve this goal. But it all may be a moot point if Target is acquired by an even larger E-commerce player.​

Source: JLL Research, eMarketer, National Retail Federation​

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