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Dear software engineer, meet the Mile High City—the nation’s second-most appealing tech hub

•The tech-oriented job network for both companies and employees, Hired, just released its “2017 State of Global Tech Salaries,” and its findings prove promising for our metro area. Trailing only Austin, Denver ranks as a software engineer’s “number two” most appealing city in which to live.

•Analysis included data based on actual job offers but went beyond strictly compensation; it included factors like recruiting (locally versus out-of-area), types of roles and diversity of company sizes. A Denver-based software engineer’s salary shrank 2.6 percent since the year prior, to $112,000, marking the fourth-lowest of the 10 regions Hired studied. However, when adjusting for cost of living, a Denver paycheck goes considerably further. Using a cost of living compared to San Francisco calculator, the northern Front Range region pays its workers closer to $180,000 annually—trailing only Austin.

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