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The Expo Line exceeds all expectations

  • ​Although ridership on three of the five major metro lines have recorded year-over-year declines, the Expo Line connecting Downtown to the Westside, which became operational in 2016, has already surpassed 2020 ridership projections. Demographics along the line also favors public transit. Millennial account for 37 percent and 26 parent of the Downtown and Westside population respectively. 
  • Lowering ridership on the Green, Blue and Red Line may be partially attributable to lower fuel costs.  They are also traversing less dense residential and commercial pockets throughout Los Angeles. The highly anticipated Purple Line extension will be Los Angeles next big leap into public transit when completed in 2024. The subway will connect Downtown all the way to Westwood through some of Los Angeles’s most densely populated neighborhoods, reliving congestion and enhancing property values along the extension.  
Source: JLL Research

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