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Med-tech shows strongest five year employment growth among Minnesota’s top 15 employers

  • Minnesota is known as “Medical Alley” and its top employers list backs up that claim. Of the 15 largest employers in the state, six are in the life sciences sector. They range from health care providers (with Mayo Clinic employing the largest total – nearly 42,000 people statewide) to health insurance, which includes UnitedHealth Group. 
  • The majority of Minnesota’s big employers have been adding workers in recent years with an average of 2,500 net new jobs per employer since 2012. HealthPartners has seen the healthiest growth with a five-year gain of 10,500 jobs. Minneapolis-St. Paul’s substantial share of private sector employment bodes well, as the majority of job losses have occurred in state and federal government. Economists predict that “eds and meds” will drive job growth in coming years. Our regional strength in healthcare and higher education (specifically the University of Minnesota and MNSCU) guarantees a healthy rate of future job creation. 
Source: JLL Research, MN Business Journal

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