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Legalized weed helps Colorado harvest more than half a billion dollars

  • ​​Four years after it became the nation’s first state to legalize adult recreational marijuana sales, Colorado has a new billion-dollar industry. The chart above shows the source of tax revenue; not explicitly shown is the cumulative $618 million derived from legalization that has made its way into state coffers. Where’s all this revenue going? The statewide cash infusion has largely gone to school construction projects, as well as drug prevention/treatment programs and high school dropout prevention.
  • For better or worse, Denver’s arguably become the nation’s de facto “Weed Capital.” Legalization's effects within commercial real estate have been substantial, particularly for industrial and retail. During the run-up to and shortly after taking effect, landlords saw spiking demand, raised rental rates sharply in the face of plummeting vacancy rates, and entertained an unending flow of new-to-market occupiers (so-called, “ganja-preneurs).
  • Pardon the pun, but four years in, and we’ve a new and rather large pot of money to go around. Will the boom stay with us like this in 2018? We have reason to believe it’s unlikely, but stay tuned!​

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