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Multifamily development with ground-floor retail a growing trend in San Francisco

  • ​Ground floor retail is becoming more common in new San Francisco apartment buildings. This trend creates an opportunity for landlords to enhance their projects with retail uses that appeal to their tenants.
  • In Mid-Market alone, 40 properties with 403,490 total square feet of ground-floor retail are either proposed or under construction.   Among these, Trinity Place ( 1145 Market St) is slated for the largest retail development, with plans for 65,000 square feet of retail.
  • Ground-floor retail offers benefits beyond attracting new tenants to a particular building.  It promotes urban density and walkability by reducing the need for automobile trips.  It also encourages a more pedestrian-friendly environment, as people are more likely to walk where retail activity is bustling. 
Source: JLL Research

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