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Camden job subsidies will bring 4,000+ jobs to the city, but at a cost—on average, $282,000 per job

•The State of New Jersey has allocated more than $1.2 billion in tax subsidies for companies that will relocate to Camden and bring substantial jobs (approximately 3,100 from outside the city and 1,280 newly created) to the distressed city. The largest subsidies from the state are between $108,000 and $658,000 per job, simply for locating facilities within city limits.

•Critics argue that the large price tag of the subsidies without requiring long-term commitments is a waste of taxpayer money, but with major companies planning to occupy built-to-suit spaces, the subsidies could pay off. Holtec’s 600,000 square foot, $312 million campus (near completion) has promised to train and hire directly from Camden; American Water’s headquarters will anchor a $1 billion Liberty Property Trust project; and Subaru’s late 2017 move is encouraging public transportation and infrastructure investments to accommodate their 600+ person workforce.

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