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New industrial jobs? DFW’s high rank underscores its transformation into a modern logistics hub!

  • ​DFW’s emergence as a premiere logistics hub can be clearly seen in the high level of job gains in the industrial-related categories of manufacturing, wholesale trade, and transportation, warehousing and utilities.
  • Since 2010, DFW has added almost as many industrial jobs as the LA-Long Beach and Inland Empire areas. 
  • This is particularly significant given that region’s preeminent position as a national distribution hub and that LA-Long Beach and the Inland Empire have a job base that is more than twice the size of DFW.
  • DFW’s significant and rapid job expansion underscores our market’s industrial transformation and supports the delivery of the 87 million square feet of space – and absorption of 108 million square feet over the period.​

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; JLL Research​

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