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Some surprising suburbs are hotbeds for educated, older millennials

  • ​The above analysis identifies statically significant clusters of high and low concentrations of millennials with a bachelors degrees and higher throughout the DC Metro region. With over half of the DC Metro population holding a bachelor’s degrees or higher, hot spots for highly educated millennials arise in unlikely areas such as Route 28 South and eastern Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.
  • So who is migrating to these areas? The older millennial (age 29-34), foreign-born population. In Route 28 South and eastern Loudoun County, this age segment comprises 15% of the population compared to comprising 9% and 13%, respectively, of the District and RB Corridor population. As for Loudoun County’s foreign-born residents, that population segment has seen rapid growth with growth increasing fivefold since 2000. ​

Source: JLL Research​

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