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Minneapolis-St. Paul residents have 4th highest credit scores in the nation; #1 among all large Midwest metros

  • ​The state of Minnesota has consistently ranked first in the nation for its residents’ credit scores. On a typical 300 to 850 scale used by FICO and Equifax, median scores can stretch across a nearly 80 point difference state to state.
  • NerdWallet recently analyzed credit scores at the metro level and Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked fourth in the nation, behind only Madison, WI, and San Jose and San Francisco in California. With a median score of 750, the typical Twin Cities resident’s credit falls in the “Excellent” category. 
  • Overall, the Midwest fares better than every other U.S. geography. The median credit score in the Midwest is 744, compared to 741 in the Northeast and 733 in the West. The South is at the bottom of the list with a 709 median. ​

Source: JLL Research, NerdWallet analysis of Equifax scores

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