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LA's most densely urban pockets to be connected by underground rail

  • ​Although autonomous driving promises radical changes to the future of transportation, the highly touted Metro Purple Line extension will potentially be even more transformative to Los Angeles. Crossing some of region’s most dense commercial and residential pockets. The project will seamlessly connect Downtown to the Mid Wilshire,  Beverly Hills, Century City, Westwood, and Brentwood markets.
  • Nearly 19.6 million square feet of office space within a 0.25 mile of all the new Purple Line will be impacted.  The extension will provide immediate rail access to a population of  151,157 within half a mile.
  • As preferences with younger professionals have shifted more towards using public transit to commute to work, these stops will improve the attractiveness of businesses and will also increase the number of multifamily developments near these stations.  ​

Source: JLL Research

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