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Minnesota’s out-of-state tech employees come from Wisconsin

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul boasts one of the lowest overall unemployment rates throughout the country at 2.9%. Across most sectors, competition for available and qualified labor is fierce. Technology being a major growth industry is experiencing the labor squeeze through difficulties finding enough specialized labor to suit the specific needs of modern tech employers.
  • Multiple sources, including Forbes, and IT Business Edge have included Minnesota as one of the fastest growing states for tech jobs thanks to our highly educated workforce and dense concentration of locally based Fortune 500 companies, just to name a few.
  • With this growth,  Minnesota has become an attractive market for national talent. The U.S. Census tracks the flow of tech workers leaving and arriving at old and new workplaces. Wisconsin sources the majority of the out-of-state work tech workforce to Minnesota, which likely isn’t a surprise. Rounding out the top three is another neighboring state, North Dakota, and tech-mecca, California in third.   ​

Source: JLL Research, U.S. Census​   

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