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Caltrain & BART ridership slumps after 6 years of growth

  • ​Two of the Bay Area’s major public transportation services experienced a decline in ridership after 6 years of steady growth. BART and Caltrain ridership is down 2.3 and 0.4 percent, respectively, compared to 2016 values.
  • Overcrowding and delays have become major issues for both transportation providers.  During peak hours, Caltrain sees 139% of seated capacity on its trains, and with the majority of BART train cars at the end of their 40 year useful life cycles, commuters are seeing BART delays daily.
  • Both services have long-term infrastructure projects in place to update the systems, with approximately 4.7 billion dollars of improvements slated between BART and Caltrain.
  • Improvements include electrifying the Caltrain corridor and extending BART to Silicon Valley. With rents at a premium near transit hubs, this means submarkets like Milpitas and Downtown San Jose could see significant increases in leasing activity and rent growth as public transportation development activates the areas.​​

Source: JLL Research

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