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Portland a good bet for investors in 2018

  • ​With historically low interest rates and frothy pricing in primary markets, investors have firmly set their sights on outperforming secondary markets. Borrowing from ULI, Portland is a solid 18-hour city representative and ULI now ranks Portland as the 11th best market for overall investor demand in 2018.
  • Stand out property types in Portland to keep an eye out for in 2018 are office, retail and hotel, each ranking in ULI’s Top 10 markets to buy. 
  • Institutional investors have caught on with 2017 office sales set to surpass last year’s cyclical high of $1.15 billion and according to ULI, 2018 is looking like another good year to buy real estate in Portland.​

Source: JLL Research, ULI Emerging Trends In Real Estate 2018​

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