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What’s in a name? Among Northeast cities, alums from Boston schools dominate in recent VC funding cycle

  • ​On the heels of a recent Philadelphia Alliance for Capital Technologies (PACT) report showing a downturn in regional venture capital funding in 2017 after years of promising increases, GraphicSprings traced entrepreneurs back to their places of education to rank how graduates of different universities fare in receiving venture funds.
  • Looking at 100 schools included in the analysis and aggregating them by region, Boston/Cambridge is the clear frontrunner: 170 alums from Boston-area schools have raised nearly $12 billion in the past year, a full 20 times what graduates of Philadelphia schools have raised in the same time period, and nearly 5 times the amount raised by 54 graduates in second-place New York. On a per graduate basis, Providence is in a class by itself, with its 18 funded graduates raising $2.2 billion. While twice as many graduates of Philadelphia schools raised funds, they raised less on a total and per-person basis.
  • One possible conclusion is that entrepreneurs who complete education in cities with extensive VC ecosystems are more successful in fundraising, or that graduates of those schools are more likely to form connections with potential funders as a result of their time in those places. Then again, fewer local sources of capital should not necessarily translate into less success for area graduates. ​

Source: JLL Research, GraphicSprings​

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