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Los Angeles ranks high as a center for innovation

  • Utility patents also known as “patents for invention” remains a strong indicator of innovation. Since 2000, Los Angeles has generated sufficient number of patents to rank fourth in the US. Unsurprisingly, Silicon Valley came in at number one driven by its tech juggernauts.
  • In terms of industry segmentation, technology, life sciences, aerospace and defense accounted for 44%, 18% and 16% respectively of all Los Angeles corporate patents since 2000(1). The region’s technological and scientific breakthroughs have also been fueled by its academic institutions accounting for 10% of all patents. Caltech alone produced over 1,700 patents and the University of California campuses in the region are credited with 1,182.
  • Since 2008, the number of new patents generated annually by Los Angeles companies has increased by 45%. With growing pressure on labor in the Bay Area and high-coast of living, we expect some tech migration into southern California to further bolster Los Angeles as a leading center for innovation.​

Source: JLL Research and the United States Office of Patents and Trademark Office​

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