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Florida has best business tax climate among large states

  • ​Florida ranked fourth in The Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index for 2018, and ranks in the top ten for individual income tax (#1), unemployment insurance tax (#2), and property tax (#10). The state has ranked in the top five for four years in a row.
  • Among the top ten markets cited in the report, Florida has a larger population than the remaining nine combined, making it an ideal location for talent compared to other tax friendly states (20.6 million vs. 20.1 million).
  • When compared to the overall Southeast, which has also seen robust job growth alongside Florida, North Carolina is the closest in rank at #11, followed by Tennessee at #14. Business friendly policies have helped fuel the job boom in the Region, coupled with a generally lower cost of living, strong population growth numbers and more favorable climates.​

Source: The Tax Foundation, JLL Research​

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