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Investment volume down from record-setting 2016

  • ​On the heels of last year’s record-shattering activity, Denver’s transaction volume across its four major asset types has fallen through the first three quarters of 2017. Momentum picked up during the last six months, rebounding from an uncharacteristically slow first quarter. Still, absent an unprecedented October-through-December, 2017 will mark the first annual decline in sales volume dating back eight years. Surely, end-of-cycle concerns and risks have made investors increasingly cautious.
  • Volume is down across all sectors year-over-year. After moderating in 2016, office investment has pulled back from the pace that recorded four consecutive years of $2.0+ billion in trades. Our industrial sector stands as the asset type closest to at least matching (if not surpassing) its record-setting level of last year. Following national trends, retail volume has been cooling here, too; through September, this has been Denver’s slowest start in five years. Off a staggering year in which nearly one-fifth of all inventory changed hands, multifamily remains particularly attractive to investors; by year-end, 2017 volume will likely reach its second-highest level this cycle.
  • Looking forward, we still like what we see here locally. Denver remains among the nation’s more attractive targets in which to park capital. High quality of life, plus high-growth / high-value sectors, plus robust infrastructure . . . All add up to sustained investor interest for our metro.

Source: JLL Research, RCA​

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