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DFW among the most prolific job generators in the US, although current gains have slowed

  • ​Since 2010, DFW has added more than 750,000 jobs.  This equates to 26 percent growth.
  • Only LA and NYC outpaced DFW in jobs added.  Both of these markets, however, are 2-times DFW’s job base.
  • Over the last few years, DFW’s economic engine has been adding 110,000 to 125,000 jobs each year, or around 3.3 to 3.5 percent growth.  This level of expansion has put it at the top of the major US metro markets.
  • In the last few months, however, job gains in many US markets have slowed, corresponding to a monthly deceleration in job creation.
  • At 93,600 jobs, DFW still ranked in “first place” for gains, ahead of NY and (78,000 jobs) and Atlanta (68,000 jobs).​

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; JLL Research​

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