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How does Baltimore’s job growth stack up against similar metro areas?

  • ​Baltimore posted significant job gains again at the end of the summer, but how has it been performing against similar markets? JLL research sampled similar metro areas based on population, GDP and geography to gauge Baltimore’s performance. For this exercise, we defined the peer metro set as including Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati and Richmond, VA.
  • With the latest employment figures for September, Baltimore’s annual job growth rate has trailed its set of peer metro areas for past 16 months straight. Compared to the nationwide average, Baltimore has fallen behind for 38 months over the past 45 months.
  • From late 2014 through early 2016, Baltimore employment had trended near or above its peer set and the national average. Since then, however, employment growth has been inconsistent and overall lackluster. For the month of September, 95% of Baltimore’s net job gains came from the Health and Education sector alone. ​​

Source: JLL Research

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