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Craft brewing is catching wind across Maryland, and impacting a variety of property types

  • Following on the tail of a craft brewing industry that has been emerging across Maryland, Guinness is set to open this fall the initial stage of their first brewing operation on U.S. soil in 60 years. Guinness’ $50 million investment in their new operation in Halethorpe is the latest chapter in Maryland’s brewing community.
  • The bulk of brewing operations have landing in industrial spaces, which have most readily accommodated infrastructure needs, including adequate water and electrical, at an affordable price point. With an average clear heightof 20 feet and year built of 1968, many breweries have filled functionally challenged industrial buildings.
  • Since 2010, craft brewers in Maryland have increasingly expanded outside of industrial spaces to retail. Freestanding retail, with smaller building footprints compared to industrial, have given craft brewers the opportunity for full-building occupancies to control their operations. Additionally, following a new state law in 2012 creating the farm brewery manufacturer’s license, Maryland has joined national trends around farm based brewing. Frederick County’s ample farmland has captured the bulk of farm breweries.

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