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Portland-Metro employment hits all time high

  • ​Employment in the Portland metro area has hit an all time high for the region as of September 2017, now sitting at 1,178,000.
  • Since the recession’s trough employment of 970,400 in November of 2009, the metro area has grown by, an increase of more than 207,000 jobs.
  • Portland’s current employment has surpassed the previous peak by more than 125,000 jobs, up 12% from April 2008. 
  • Current year-over-year job growth stands at 2.2%,  almost twice the US rate which stands at 1.2%.
  • Current unemployment in the metro area stands at 4.1%, slightly lower than the national unemployment rate of 4.2%.
  • Talent shortages may become an issue for the region and inbound migration could be the key to continued economic growth.​

Source: JLL Research, BLS​

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