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Phoenix ranked No. 15 among the most congested metros in the nation

  • ​Although Phoenix is ranked among the 25 most congested metros, Phoenix is one of the least congested major metros in the United States. The rankings were scored based on the duration and the frequency of traffic jams which provided a metric to compare transportation networks throughout the nation.
  • Phoenix is home to over 3,400 areas of congestion according to the study. This pales in comparison to the nearly 10,400 traffic hot spots in Los Angeles, which has the worst congestion in the nation.
  • The worst area of congestion in Phoenix is along Interstate 10 from 59th Avenue to 32nd Street. This congestion is expected to ease once construction of the South Mountain Freeway Loop 202 is completed in 2019. In addition, the new freeway will spur new construction for commercial tenants in need of convenient freeway access.​

Source: JLL Research, INRIX Roadway Analytics ​

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