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Updated regional employment figures demonstrate suburban counties overall have returned to pre-recessionary peak, while city continues to outperform

  • Preliminary employment figures through the first quarter of 2017 demonstrate that the City of Philadelphia continued employment growth momentum through the end of 2016 and continued to climb through the first part of 2017. The 10-county area outside Philadelphia also grew, bringing total employment back to the pre-recessionary peak in 2016 despite a small (yet expected) dip in Q1 2017.
  • Delaware County was the strongest performing county in the region outside Philadelphia, adding 8,672 jobs above its 2007 total, which was largely offset in the Pennsylvania Suburbs by losses in Bucks County (-7,589) and Montgomery County (-4,771). Despite its ongoing real estate boom, Camden County finished Q1 2017 with 7,316 fewer jobs than 2007. We remain cautiously optimistic but expect the ongoing release of 2017 job numbers to show slowing growth.​

Source: JLL Research, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics​

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