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Looking ahead to Seattle 2020: How will employment change with new office development?

  • ​We used our knowledge of the office development pipeline to overlay development sites on a map of forecasted employment in Seattle from 2015 to 2020. Larger circles are office developments larger than 250,000 sf, while the small circles are less than 250,000 sf. Grey areas show a forecasted loss in employment. Significant employment gains are highlighted with a deep blue.
  • Unsurprisingly, major office developments are found where significant employment growth is expected.  Industrial employment around traditional blue collar neighborhoods is forecasted to fall, while technology and professional service employment is expected to grow rapidly in areas that used to be industrial in nature.
  • Virtually all meaningful job growth is concentrated in the downtown core, pressing against historically industrial lands. Can Seattle’s blue collar industries survive the pressure of white collar employment and the demand for office space to house them? ​

Source: JLL Research, Economic Innovation Group, Puget Sound Regional Council ​

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