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The explosion of craft breweries in LA

  • ​As demand in retail shifts to experienced based interactions, craft breweries provide a space where families can visit enjoy a locally produced product and in most cases play a range of games such as bocce ball, cornhole, and Jenga.
  • California’s craft breweries have increased 215 percent from 2011 (270 breweries) to 2017 (850 breweries). Of that number, LA County has 67 breweries which exceeded $90 million in revenue last year alone.
  • Of the craft breweries in LA County most are located where beer and ale spending is high, as seen with the Downtown Arts District and Torrance having the greatest concentrations of Breweries in LA. However, based on beer and ale spending habits, the West Side seems to be an untapped market where craft breweries could have a great opportunity to capture some of that spending. ​​

Source: JLL Research

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