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How prosperous is your ZIP code? Seattle is among the top 10 in the nation.

  • ​Seattle is among the top 10 most prosperous cities, according to a recent report by Economic Innovation Group (EIG). EIG recently released the 2017 Distressed Communities Index (DCI) based on seven key criteria. These include unemployment, the poverty rate, adults not working, housing vacancy rate, a geography’s median income expressed as a percentage of its state’s median income, change in employment, and change in  business establishments. 
  • Seattle ranked as the 7th most prosperous city in the nation, with 52.6 percent of its population living in wealthy ZIP codes. The study shows that western cites and tech employment hubs such as Seattle are the most prosperous cities across the country. 
  • Prosperous ZIP codes are concentrated around the Seattle metro area, which has a rapidly growing population and strong underlying economic foundations. Unemployment rate in the Seattle area in August was measured at 3.7 percent and the regional job market has a healthy demand for a high skill workforce. 
Source: JLL Research, Economic Innovation Group​

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