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Hey wait! Manufacturing in DFW? I thought it was only a logistics hub…

  • ​​DFW’s industrial inventory totals 582 million square feet.  Of that, only 65 million square feet is manufacturing, much of which is older, smaller facilities.
  • Over the last year, a trend gaining momentum is “manufacturing” looking at the Metroplex for possible locations.
  • With the recent push to expand or return operations back to the US, DFW has found itself in the sights of many companies due to is central US location, rail and road accessibility, and comparatively low business costs.
  • In addition to the above projects, another 8 manufacturing companies are considering DFW for modern facilities, and range from biopharma to consumer products and food manufacturers.
  • One challenges for DFW is labor availability – and its wage rates.  While wages are higher than south of the border, DFW’s low cost of living and cost to do business remain attractive to companies exploring US expansion plans.

Source: Dallas Regional Chamber; JLL Research​

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