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Baltimore City population drops sharply in latest estimates, but demographics rapidly shifting

  • In the American Community Survey’s latest 1-year estimates released last week, Baltimore City’s downward slide in overall population accelerated. Total population dropped by 6,738 residents since 2015, which is a 1.1% annual decline.
  • While overall population has declined, Baltimore City’s neighborhoods have continued to rapidly change. Median household income jumped in 2016 by $3,185 to $47,350. Bachelor’s and higher educational attainment climbed as well to nearly 31%. Since 2010, the number of highly educated residents has grown by 31,125, which is a 31.4% increase in just 6 years. The number of households earning more than $75,000 annually has surged as well, growing by 20,678 households, or 39.1%, over the past 6 years.
  • The trend of a rapidly growing affluent, and educated population base in Baltimore City accelerated in 2016. The growth will help sustain multifamily and retail development across the city, and the resulting amenity and residential base will make the city a more competitive environment to attract employers.

​Source: JLL Research, American Community Survey, US Census Bureau

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