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The Emerald City is getting greener

  • ​The City of Seattle recently approved plans for 1800 Terry, a 440-foot tall solar-powered tower expected to be the greenest building in the United States. It will consist of 360 residential units and 7,600 sf of retail space that will utilize solar-powered heating and a system to reuse grey water waste. Its construction process will also limit waste, by using a system of modular components manufactured offsite. Architecture firm CollinsWoerman had previously used the modular method on 47+7 in the University District, winning a city-sponsored award for best mid-rise project in building technology.
  • The Bullitt Center, a 6-story office building located in Capitol Hill, is currently the greenest commercial building in the world. Some of its features include solar panels, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting and an overall design encouraging tenants to live an active lifestyle.​​

Source: Puget Sound Business Journal, Curbed Seattle, Bullitt Center, USGBC 

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