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What the national average commute gets you in seven markets across the U.S.

  • ​According to U.S. Census Data the average one-way commute time across the country is 25.4 minutes.  That time when translated to a geographic area reachable by car varies greatly across different markets. For Minneapolis that area is 386 square miles.
  • Comparing Minneapolis’ total population, college educated population,  total workforce, renter and owner-occupied housing stock, and total area  to some of the largest CBDs across the country we have found that Minneapolis remains within the top three for all six categories except renter-occupied housing units. This comes to no surprise as recent headlines place Minneapolis-St. Paul atop multi-family occupancy rankings.  Conversely Minneapolis’ 386 square mile commute geography leads the group in owner-occupied housing units by almost 20.0 percent over second place, Chicago.
  • We can’t ignore the geographic hurdles in play when considering CBD’s bound on three sides by water, like San Francisco and Seattle; however comparing population densities puts into perspective how much room Minneapolis-St. Paul has available to grow responsibly. Our population density ranks fifth among the seven markets; 250.0 percent less dense than San Francisco and 47.0 percent less dense than Seattle.​

 Source: JLL Research, ESRI, U.S Census​

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