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Minneapolis is #2 best city for startups in the Midwest

​The Midwest is increasingly home to technology startups, especially as young firms are getting priced out of traditional tech clusters on the coasts. According to a recent Crunchbase analysis, Minneapolis is fostering a healthy share of startup activity. The metro ranks second in the Midwest for four different startup metrics.

Since 2015, 72 new tech companies started operating in the Minneapolis metro. Additionally, there have been 210 venture capital (VC) rounds in Minneapolis from January 2015 through July 2017—second only to Chicago. In total, these VC deals have netted Minneapolis startups $1.3 billion. Lastly, Minneapolis has a thriving ecosystem to support future startup activity. The metro is home to 65 institutional startup investors, including venture capitalists. accelerators, incubators, seed funds and angel investor networks. 

Source: JLL Research, Crunchbase​

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