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DC remains the preferred location for singles, although fewer are living alone due to escalating rents

  • ​Since 2010, 1-person households have dropped from 48% to 42% of all households in DC. Over the same time period, 2-person households have grown from 28% to 31% of DC households.
  • Many people in DC are now choosing to live with a roommate or partner over living alone. There are fewer 1-person households and the number of non-family (e.g. roommate or partner) households in DC has increased 67% since 2005. This trend is particularly strong with those under 35 as the number of non-family households in this age group has doubled from 13,000 to 26,000 in the same time period.
  • High housing costs are correlated with increased co-habitation. Average effective rents have increased by 3.8% annually since 2005, growing from $1.57 p.s.f. to $2.27 p.s.f. in 10 years.

Source: JLL Research, US Census Bureau, CoStar​

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