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Visitor spending rebounds from 2015, but long term growth is slow for international visitors

  • ​International visitor spending comprises 2/3 of overall direct visitor expenditures in Greater Miami. That equates to just under $2,100 per person per trip, nearly double that of domestic visitors. While that figure is up year-over-year, international visitor spending on a per person/per trip basis is down over 7.0 percent since 2012, as oppose to a 14.0 percent increase among domestic visitors in that time.
  • Trends among domestic and international visitors appear to be going in opposite directions. The average length of stay for international visitors has fallen from 7.34 days to 6.90 days, while domestic visitor length of stay has increased from 4.69 to 5.20 days. With Miami’s top feeder markets based in Latin America (Canada and the UK being prime exceptions), global economic factors are being manifested in Greater Miami’s visitor market.
  • Until 2014, Visitor spending, particularly international spending, was on a steady rise at a time when many major retail developments got underway. But, as international spending cools, expenditure captures for these projects may face challenges. This is particularly true to high-end luxury retail.​

Source: JLL Research; Greater Miami CVB​

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