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Want a cheaper utility bill? Move to Washington

  • ​A recent survey ranked the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on the cost of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, and home heating oil. Washington turned out to be one of the least expensive states in the U.S., just behind the District of Columbia.
  • Consumers in WA spent an average of $226 on electricity, natural gas, and gasoline. Electricity costs are particularly low in WA at an average of $97 a month, making it one of only six states below $100. South Carolina on the other hand came in last, with an average electricity bill of $173 a month.
  • Energy costs of buildings can be major issue for both real estate owners and tenants, as energy use is one of the single largest operating expenses. WA being one of the markets that provides low cost energy, can be appealing to those who are looking to reduce expenses, increase energy efficiency, and property asset value​.
Source: JLL Research, WalletHub

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